Adventures in Wren Tiles

Late December I received an order for a wren tile. While making the one that was ordered I played around with other wren tiles.. playing with texture and form. I wanted to share the process here.

I rolled out soft slabs of clay, using a rolling pin. I have learned from Chandlier that rolling and flipping tiles, gives them so many memories, that they then to be stronger and lie flatter than tiles I have made before using a slab roller. I have been experimenting with different methods since 2004, and am really enjoying the tactile nature of hand rolling the slab.

For this set of 5 tiles I played with differant  sculpting techniques, from simply carving the picture onto a harden to soft leather hard slap to sculpting softer slaps into sharper relief, creating more depth:

Carved Soft Leather Hard Tile
Sculpted Soft Tile

I then hand painted with underglazes the tiles:

Greenware Wren - Under glazed
Greenware Wren – Under glazed
Unfired Wren in Birth Tree - Underglazed and ready for Bisque Fire
Unfired Wren in Birth Tree – Underglazed and ready for Bisque Fire

The tiles are then bisque fired, cooled, and airbrush sprayed with clear glaze. They are then fired to a low cone ^6 in an electric kiln, so they retain their colour and have a glossy finish.

You can view the Finished Tiles on Molly’s Critters ETSY site:



By crittersandtales

This site is about the work of Molly H Forsythe and Emmet Forsythe Cameron.

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