Black Friday – The Artisan’s Dilemma

Ah Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year in the US, which Canadians are trying to emulate. So many feelings. I am not a lover of commercialism.  That said – I love supporting the arts – from theatre, to concerts, to the visual arts to your local busker. In this world of buy less… those that are the most effected are local artisians.

Many of us have phone and internet accounts with large data limits. These electronics take a good bit of change. These companies are often advertising us on there latest tech. items… to take us to brave new worlds. On shrinking incomes, these accounts and devices take more and more of the pie.

Facebook, Netflix, Messenger also take more of our time and energy. I certainly have to make concious decisions to walk outside and breath in the fresh air, let alone taking time to go to local concerts and shows.

In the midst of this we are encouraged to buy nothing… to do more simple holidays with family and friends. The impact of this is not less tech devices … or Walmart goods. Where one sees the impact is art and craft shows. It means that fewer artisans are able to make a living. So I challenge myself and each of you to buy some art this holiday season.

This was started to talk about one of my favourite little artisan craft shows that is celebrating it’s 24th year in Perth, on Dec. 2nd. – The Nick of Time Artisan Craft Show. 10 – 3 in McMartin house – before the night parade. I have fond memories of Amanda Lewis doing Caligraphy Tree Ornaments in this show. Last year there were Tie Died Sneakers… It is a show full of delightful surprises… as well as being able to buy shortbread and support The Steven Lewis Foundation – Granny to Granny project, purchase candles and chocolate for the season.

The next day there is a new show – The Biggest Little Christmas Market in Middleville Community Center, in the Lanark Highlands from 10 – 4, complete with Children’s craft table, Santa… really a whole community event.

Which is the other part of these shows – they are part of building community.

So I challenge each of you to go out to some local arts and crafts markets this season. Feel free to buy something you find charming, and support your community and your local artisans.


Cards Ceramic Jewelry Colouring Musicians

Critters and Tales Live

It’s Calendar Season –

The 2018 Emmet Calendar is now available. Plus lots of exciting new work.

Craft Sale at McMartin House in Perth, ON before Parade



Nick of Time
December 2nd 2017
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
McMartin House Gore Street, Perth, Ontario
Come and pick up some great gifts before the Christmas Parade. From fine chocolate, locally made jam, children’s clothes and more.

… From a recent FB post:

Finally put 1 of the button machines I was given a month ago to work last night, in time for the One & Only craft fair in Ottawa this Saturday.

These will also be available at the Nick of Time show in Perth Dec. 2nd — & I hope to have time to create more designs by then. – Emmet

Plus other new work…