Coming to shows in the Ottawa area this November – December.

The Full Critters & Tales will be at:

The Nick of Time – On the Third Floor:



Brooke Valley School Christmas Market – December 9th


Molly’s Critters will be at Cheerfully Made Saves Christmas – Dec 21st and 22nd at the Bell Sensplex – Kanata


Paper Clay Ornaments and Pins

My this years experimenting has been with paper clay. It has fibres that makes it less likely to crack when making large tiles. It is also lighter weight, so thought it was a good option for brooches , ornaments and earrings. I have found that it does not break, when I drop items, and it is nicely lighter.

The way the clay is porous makes it very different with glazes and underglazes. I feel that I need to seal the clay, after it has been fired, so my work feels more multi- media. I use acrylics and tile sealants to colour and seal the work after firing. Here are my recent pins:

A selection of ornaments:

The tiles I made in the spring, used this same clay. And I am enjoying some of the qualities, particularly of the Laguna B Mix, paper clay. I did try throwing with the different bodies, they all feel “flat” – and do not give the pleasure of throwing on the wheel, to my mind.