About Us

Molly has been drawn to the visual arts since childhood, & explored many mediums along the way. She graduated in Art-Art History as part of the first class to matriculate from Evergreen State College, co-illustrated The Common Ground Dessert Cookbook with Meghan Merker, created large soft animals (mythic & realistic) using Waldorf Doll techniques in the ’90s, underwent a 4 year pottery apprenticeship with Dawn Burnham, & has glazed & fired bowls for the Perth Empty Bowls project each of the last 4 years. (Emmet has interviewed Molly about pottery in general & Empty Bowls in particular, which you can listen to here or read here.)

1. TOOLS: (i) Clay, (ii) Hands, (iii) Carving tools, (iv) Pottery Wheel, (v) Kilns (Electric and Raku).
2. INFLUENCES: (i) Pre-Historic Pottery & Painting, (ii) Interaction of Continental Drift and Humans, (iii) Tin Animal Garden Sculptures, (iv) Chagall, (v) Cézanne.
3. ANIMALS: (i) Cats, (ii) Turtles, (iii) Cows, (iv) Birds, (v) Goats/Sheep.
4. BOOKS: (i) Colours by Victoria Findley, (ii) Uncle Tom’s Children by Richard Wright, (iii) Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston, (iv) Uses of the Erotic by Audre Lorde, (v) Ripening by Meridel Le Sueur.
5. GOALS: (i) Create large scale clay sculptures with the same complexity as my soft sculptures, (ii) Play with glazes and textures, colour and form, (iii) Develop my line miniature sculptures as earrings, pins and charms (iv) Tiles charms and pins with an influence of my summer home in Cape Breton.


Growing up in the wilds of Lanark County where artists are common as maple trees, Emmet never had much of a chance to develop more practical career goals. From declaring an ambition to be an author at age 7, amending that to playwright at 13, discovering zines at 15, & ultimately pursuing all of the above, creating worlds with words has been a constant.

(i) the roman alphabet, (ii) writing implements & paper, (iii) scissors & glue, (iv) mumma’s old olympia typewriter, (v) umpteen gazillion hopelessly disorganized notebooks, including the 1 masquerading as a laptop.
2. INFLUENCES: (i) lynda barry, (ii) all the zinesters & comic artists i discovered as a teenager making pals on lj before the internet got cool, (iii) 6 months as an intern in the underbelly of canadian theatre, (iv) the folk process by which things that at some point must’ve been an odd notion in a single human head become the proudly held property of a cultural group at large, (v) twitter.
3. ANIMALS: (i) cats, (ii) kangaroos, (iii) corvids, (iv) elephants, (v) cephalopods.
4. BOOKS: (i) amphigorey by edward gorey, (ii) angels in america by tony kushner, (iii) dear milli by wilhelm k. grimm & maurice sendak, (iv) wide awake by david levithan, (v) nobody’s family is going to change by louise fitzhugh.
5. GOALS: (i) continue to instigate participatory artwork, from play scripts to paper dolls, (ii) have real books on real bookshelves in real bookshops, (iii) play with artifacts of oral culture such as fairy tales & folk ballads, (iv) never draw the same monster twice, (v) carve out constructive space for myself & other artists & writers