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Barred Owl Day 10b
Barred Owl Day 10b

Last February I sculpted an owl.

Owl - Day 10 - 4" high
Owl – Day 10 – 4″ high



In the next month I handprinted, bisque fired and glaze fired the 4 ” Owl.


In the coming months I made miniature owls… Which I sold at Farmers Markets, Folk Festivals and Craft Shows. They are also available on my On-Line ETSY site – Molly Critters.

I have had a couple requests for Owl Brooches… Big enough to stand out on a coat – 3 to 3 1/2 inches. Here they are so far. Carved and waiting for a bit more drying before I smooth them out, and paint them with underglazes.

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Feb 12 – Painted Owls with Underglazes yesterday Night – Here are some of them.