Pit Fire

The Pit Fire was unloaded this morning.

We all gathered round and unloaded our pieces, dumping the ash out of our cans. The pieces in the back were mostly black. Rosie’s dear fox – exploded, so I will not put in a piece that I can’t bisque first. Pieces near the chimney had hardly any colour, though Lyndal’s turtles had some lovely peach colour from the banana peel, and Jan got some lovely rust colour from the seaweed.

The mica terra sig. gave some lovely sparkle, even through the black on my rune stones. Victoria got a little colour from the oxides she added to her terra sig. as well. And Jan’s Hedgehog was black on the inside, where there were coffee grounds, and stayed shiny, but with more dark spots on the terra sig and burnished side.

All in all it is not nearly as exciting as a Raku fire, so I think that must be our next adventure in the fall…


Molly’s Pit Fire Prep

I have been wanting to do a pit fire YEARS, and I am finally getting it done.

Folks from the MERA Pottery created one or two pieces each from: Tuckers brown (^6) or white (^10) sculptural Clay.

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Some are covered with Terra Sig. and or Terra Sig. mixed with Mica Power, found by local prospectors – Moses and Deb.

All but the fox were bisque fired to cone 018.

I built the pit kiln in our back yard, open shelter, designed to use for making maple syrup in the spring, and doing pit and raku firing other times in the year. The shed was finally finished late last fall, and we had our first maple syrup season in it this spring.

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First I gathered the materials to burn in the pit fire:

The Pit Fire is happening Monday. So stay tuned.





Up and Coming

For Emmet’s news go to: Emmet L.F. Cameron on Patreon. For just $3 a month, and get access to much of Emmet’s work. June held writing workshops, with ideas from those workshops sure to be included in future postings.

Molly has been regularly posting on the Critters and Tales Facebook page. Seems like a good time to finally update here.
Living half time in Cape Breton has brought some awesome connections, and you can now find Molly’s work in some favourite galleries on the island:

Water’s Edge Gallery in Baddeck

22 Water St, Baddeck NS   902-295-3600  www.thewatersedgeinn.com

A delightful collection of art, innovative craft, smoke fired animals… Each corner of the gallery holds another delight in a large variety of media from paintings, pottery, glass and wood to fabric arts. As varied as going into the Ontario or Cape Breton centre for Arts & Crafts. Insightful new work here constantly.

Molly is so happy to be included in the work this year, WOW!

Sunset Folk Art Gallery in Cheticamp

The Sunset Gallery has a large collection of wooden carved folkart focusing on William Roach. His studio is on the property, and is open, when he is available. There is also a large collection of rug hooking, prints and more.

Frog Pond Cafe, with great pastries and coffee. A place to sit and watch the birds. We saw a grackle, cardinals, sparrows… while we we there this time.

William Roach’s work and the other Folk Art in this gallery is truly unique. Visiting here, always brings me laughter and makes me think about perception. A lifetime dream of Molly’s to be included in real folk art gallery, with a shared vision of art.

Doll Emporium in Louisbourg

7555 Main St., Louisbourg, NS
This little shop in Louisbourg is run by Margaret Smith, a native to Louisbourg. Her and her assistant are full of many wonderful stories about Louisbourg over the years. The front of her shop is full of tall ship models, with affordable simple models you can build. Margaret has a small collection of books on Louisbourg. With a variety of delights in every corner.  Molly looks forward to all the knowledge and community to be gained here.

Emmet and Molly continue to sell there work on ETSY:

Cheering for the Habs PDF Edition

Continental Drift Turtle Charms on ETSY

Hope you all are having a healthy happy Summer.


Amidst Animals in Florence, Italy

I spent most of March in Italy with my sisters looking at art and architecture.

I just wanted to share a few treasures with you.

House Carpenter

The thing is done!

My new weird lil art baby clones are finally ready to go out to my $5+ patrons! If you’re not one yet, you still have until the end of February to pledge & get this particular surprise in the mail (& lots of surprises thereafter)
House Carpenter Ballad
Broadside Ballads – Available to Emmet’s $5 Patreon supporters

For more info. Check the link below:


Adventures in Wren Tiles

Late December I received an order for a wren tile. While making the one that was ordered I played around with other wren tiles.. playing with texture and form. I wanted to share the process here.

I rolled out soft slabs of clay, using a rolling pin. I have learned from Chandlier that rolling and flipping tiles, gives them so many memories, that they then to be stronger and lie flatter than tiles I have made before using a slab roller. I have been experimenting with different methods since 2004, and am really enjoying the tactile nature of hand rolling the slab.

For this set of 5 tiles I played with differant  sculpting techniques, from simply carving the picture onto a harden to soft leather hard slap to sculpting softer slaps into sharper relief, creating more depth:

Carved Soft Leather Hard Tile
Sculpted Soft Tile

I then hand painted with underglazes the tiles:

Greenware Wren - Under glazed
Greenware Wren – Under glazed
Unfired Wren in Birth Tree - Underglazed and ready for Bisque Fire
Unfired Wren in Birth Tree – Underglazed and ready for Bisque Fire

The tiles are then bisque fired, cooled, and airbrush sprayed with clear glaze. They are then fired to a low cone ^6 in an electric kiln, so they retain their colour and have a glossy finish.

You can view the Finished Tiles on Molly’s Critters ETSY site: