Molly’s Portfolio

Shelter Valley Folk Festival 2016

I consider myself a folk artist. To me folk art means dealing with the gesture & how a piece feels in one’s hand over classic ideas of beauty. To feel the inner beauty. Folk Arts are those who can bring the viewer joy and laughter.



relief Tiles

Tiles for me are place to explore drawing and working in relief. My art teacher in high school inspired me by talking about a restaurant in Philadelphia that had relief tiles instead of a chair rail that depicted people eating in the restaurant. Since then I have always wanted to create tiles with texture, colour and story.


Small Raku Cats $35 - $49 up to 6
Small Raku Cats

I experiment with various sculpting, glazing and firing techniques – in search of the surface that best portrays the critter.

Small – Miniatures

From the larger animals I worked on seeing how small I can make them. I now make a large selection of miniatures, and miniatures as earrings, charms/pendants and now brouches. These are available on my ETSY site: Molly Critters.

Guernsey Cows Saying Hello 1.25 in

Continental Drift Turtle

I have been making continental drift turtles since the 90’s. Turtles have been around longer than humans, and I like to imagine them being around long after we are gone.  I create turtles with the continental drift on their belly or back … with what Earth probably looked like 400 million years ago and 135 million years ago to 50 million years from now. How the earth changes – with or without us.

This is a fun exploration. Creating more layers and complexity with colours and glazes, and also deciding when a work is best left as naked clay.


See more of on my Esty site: Molly Critters.   Or order by contacting me directly: